FRACTAL system

FRACTAL system Big Picture (Interactive Prototype)

FRACTAL System Configurator (Interactive Demo)

 This figma mockup visualizes the Fractal Building process, instantiated with selections for the UC8 (Shuttle System). This use case is one of the most complete both in selected features and components used.  You may interact with the demo and change selections, however the presented big picture will be the one corresponding to UC8. First, you have to select which of the available platforms will be used, then navigate the features and select the ones you are interested in for your use case. By performing the selection of features for the specific use case, FRACTAL components are selected. By clicking the View Configuration buttons under the FRACTALITY feature section, the Big Picture specific for the given selection will be presented (UC8). By clicking on the Big Pictures elements, UC8 corresponding components will be presented. Clicking on the components, details will be presented as Poster. 

Clicking on the “Return to Big Picture” in the posters goes back to the Big Picture, allowing us to continue navigating. Clicking on the FRACTAL logo on the header restarts the configurator mockup. 

General system Components (Links)

Description of the FRACTAL high level system architecture and the detailed descriptions of each system element.

Use Case Components & Posters

FRACTAL system components – use cases mapping.